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The LemuGroup Linerless series enables efficient cutting and rewinding of linerless labels, eliminating the need for tools and reducing waste, thus optimizing the production process.


The Roboplus is a fully automatic solution designed with all the essential features to ensure efficient slitting and rewinding of linerless labels. It is a versatile solution that can process continuous rolls of linerless labels in different widths. Its automated process ensures high efficiency and quality, reducing waste and minimizing errors. This machine is essential in the labeling industry to streamline production and provide labels ready for use or application.


–Fully automatic slitter rewinder.

–Surface rewinding.

–Wide web.

–Coreless compatible. Equipment to produce coreless rolls on the machine.

–Optional labeled closure. Labelling equipment to close the rolls with a label instead of the glue.



A semi-automatic solution for cutting and rewinding linerless labels. This solution combines automated features with manual intervention, providing a balance between efficiency and operator control. The machine can perform tasks like cutting and rewinding the labels automatically, while the operator supervises the process and handles additional actions, such as managing the finishing. This option is perfect for enhancing efficiency without the need for a full investment in fully automated machinery.

-Semiautomatic slitter rewinder.

-Compact design.

-Wide web.

-Entry level machine.


GTU Turret

The most robust, fast and advanced turret rewinder in the market, catering to the production needs of our customers.

GTU Turret Rewinder has been meticulously crafted to cater to the unique requirements of every customer. This versatile machine can  be integrated in-line with other printing or conversion equipment or function independently with a separate unwind module. What sets our equipment apart is their exceptional performance across various aspects, including precise tension control, capability to handle a diverse range of substrates, fast transition between jobs, and  production speed never seen before in the market.


We offer a range of models available in multiple web widths, providing the flexibility to adapt to specific project needs and ensuring maximum versatility for our valued customers.


–Servo driven automatic turret.

–4 spindles.

–Run Fast. Up to 250 mpm (820 fpm).

–No messy glue. Glueless closure.

–Fast changeovers. Auto setup with job storage.

– Automatic core loading.

–Perfectly wound rolls with closed loop tension control.

–Inspection system of the customers choice.

–Leader & Tail system.

–Linerless compatible.

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