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MIDA MI350+ Digital

Inkjet Technology
Wine | Cosmetic | Pharmaceutical

The MI 350+ is a digital inkjet solution that allows controlled and uniform ink injection, enabling the highlighting or emphasizing of elements. This system is perfect for adding braille descriptions to cosmetic or pharmaceutical products. It is also ideal for incorporating design elements that enhance the value and visual quality of the products. Highly convenient for short to medium print runs and quick design changes. Additionally, as it does not require printing tools, digital inkjet machines are more agile and cost-effective compared to traditional printing methods.

The MI 350+ is a module that can work both in-line and off-line, offering a fully digital solution.

- Versatility in production. Unlimited design.

- Digitalised processes. High level of customisation.

- Without tolling costs. Accuracy and efficiency in inkjet technologies.

- Manufacturing flexibility. Increased speed and reduced cycle time for each print.

- Drop on demand Inkjet technology. Inkjet homogeneity.

- 2 lines of 5-unit XAAR inkjet printheads.

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