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MIDA LI 220 RFID Advanced

Advanced machines for producing attractive and smart labels .
Wine | Cosmetic | Pharmaceutical | Retail.

The LI 220 RFID is a machine that offers two operating modes:

1- Label insertion over labels for the production of multi-layer labels.

2- Insertion of RFID/EAS identification labels over the liner for subsequent placement of the main label over the identification label.

Its Delam-Relam system ensures accurate label insertion. This versatile solution is ideal to produce high-value labels and control and security labels, especially in industries such as food, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics.



-Easy to use and functional using a touchscreen to maximize the productivity.

-Totally Servomotorized equipment.

-Delam Relam system. For accurate label insertion.

-Printing inspection module.

LI 220 RFID_R.png
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