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GTU Converter

Turnkey, fast and robust Converter line.

The GTU Converter is a turnkey modular conversion line that can be assembled to fit the unique requirements of each customer. It is an incredibly productive and robust line with a working speed of up to 250m/min (820 fpm), ensuring the quality of each job with its fully integrated 100% camera inspection system.

Available in four width options:

-350 mm (13.78 inches)

-450 mm (17.72 inches)

-550 mm (21.65 inches)

-660 mm (25.98 inches)

- High Capacity Unwinds. Available to handle up to 1200mm (47.24 in.) diameter rolls.

- Rotary Die Cutting Group. Cutting accuracy and fast adjustments.

- Flexographic Printing Units. To provide information and add value.

- Moveable or fixed turn bar. Air assisted turn bar to turn over the web.

- Slitting. Scissor, knife or crushing, with automatic slitting knife adjustment for time saving.

- Rewinding. GTU or GBS turret to complete your work efficiently.

- Linerless. Siliconized web path rollers to avoid the sticking of the adhesive paper on them.

- Leader and tail label extraction system. Automatic label removal capability to create leaders and tails on all       pressure sensitive labels for auto feed systems.

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