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Llorens Planas S.L.

Founded as Llorens Planas, S.L. in Mataro (Barcelona), this is a company focused on the production of slitter-rewinders and sheeter in wide web for special materials.


Incorporated into LEMUgroup in 2017, it is specialized on slitter-rewinders for autoadhesive paper and laminated films, as well as thin and siliconized paper sheeters as baking paper.


Mataró. Spain


Founded in 1953


18 workers

Flexible packaging - Roll slit

Flexible packaging - Center slit

Flexible packaging - Easy slit

Flexible packaging - Compak slit

Flexible packaging - Twin roll

Baking paper - Sheet slit

Baking paper - Rotar slit

Label stock - Easy slit

Label stock - Roll slit

Label stock - Easy slit

Label stock - Compak slit

Label stock - Doctor slit

General converting - Roller RS

General converting - Roll slit

General converting - Maxi slit

General converting - Roll matic

General converting - Core matic

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