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At Lemu the management philosophy and main objective is to have fully satisfied customers and our machines properly serviced and in full production. Our main concern and top priority is to ensure that our machines are always well attended and in optimum running conditions. To that end we rely on our qualified and skilful service personnel fully dedicated to the trouble shooting and customer's service. Besides we count with a spare part stock to give an immediate response in the event of an urgent need arising in the machine. In case of an unexpected event in your machine you are welcome to contact our service team who will assist you to have the machine back in production as quickly as possible.

Contact the technical service in LEMU and ask for the following: 

- Preventive maintenance service visits. Keep your machine running as it was from the first day. After the visit our team will present recommended spare part lists in order to avoid any future sudden stop on the machine. 

- Trainning. After some time running the machine, operators may have doubts about the operation on the machine. Or operators may have been changed. Our technicians will refresh all the operation and service points on the machine. 

- Telemaintenance. Connect your LEMU machine through a save Ethernet line directly to LEMU. Our technicians will be able to connect and check the status of the machine, and see through the webcam the exact origin of the problem. 

- Spare parts. We are ready to delivery spare part in the minimum time possible depending the production needs.

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